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Vote Smarter. Vote Faster.

Voting Solutions for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Meetings


Better Voting

Enhance Group Interaction


Collaboration and Survey Solutions

Increase Interactivity

Boost Learning ROI


Learning Response Systems

Better Learning

we find and deliver the solutions you need. 

Increase Engagement

Success depends on an engaged audience

Harness Knowledge

Creative ideas flow from collaborative opportunities

Improve ROI

Guarantee every meeting provides actionable value

Why Option?

"Our first experience with Option Technologies was excellent."

"I am pleased to say that our first experience with Option Technologies was excellent. We support corporate meetings all over the country and our clients don’t always request ARS services, but when they do, finding a professional and reliable vendor to help us provide them with those services can be kind of a crap shoot. Right from the start of our interaction together on this program I had a good feeling. It’s always comforting to receive professional looking paperwork...the advanced communication with the technician is also a big plus."

Michael P., AV Producer See More Testimonials