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Decision Support Module

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The Decision Support Module harnesses the collective intelligence of meeting participants. This software includes a List Processing Manager for entering and editing lists of decision items or polling criteria. Presenters can also quickly create multi-slide polling sequences with the List Processing Exercise Slide Generator.

The Decision Support Module improves trust and participation by giving all participants an equal voice; it elevates the shy voices and silences the loud ones. The process builds energy, boosts interaction and enhances group collaboration.


Frequency Distribution Chart

See the data with the Frequency Distribution Chart. This unique tool gives presenters and audience members a visual representation of polling results. The slide chart shows the averages of all participants using one vertical bar for each list item, and displays the average scalar result for the item as well. The presenter or assistant may display the items in order or with a hotkey to show item averages from low to high or vice-versa.

X/Y Chart

This slide type displays the results of a list processing exercise. It presents the average results from one criterion on the X-Axis and the average result for another criterion on the Y-Axis.

Bubble Chart

The Bubble Chart slide is another way to display the results of a list processing exercise. It presents the average results for three criteria associated with each list item. The first criterion is on the X-Axis. The second criterion is on the Y-Axis. The final criterion is displayed as the scalar size of a bubble list item.

easy management features

List Processing Manager

The List Processing Manager allows users to create lists of items for meeting evaluation and analysis. Each list may be evaluated using one or more criteria involving a numeric assessment scale.

List and Criteria Import/Export from Excel

Every coordinator and presenter needs a way to streamline the presentation process. The OptionPower Decision Support module includes a utility to import and export lists of items and evaluation criteria from Excel. This saves you time by preventing duplication of effort when creating your presentations.

Display List Item Chart Control

Press a key and OptionPower will display the full text of an individual list item at the top of the chart. The color for the corresponding bar representing the list item will change to a highlighted color. This gives audience members an easy way to understand the data.

List Processing Exercise Slide Generator

This tool allows users to generate a List Processing exercise to poll items against one or multiple scalar criteria. All items may be polled for one criterion at a time, or all criteria may be polled individually.

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