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Market Research

Shape the discussion

With all the distractions and opinions of the digital age, market researchers’ tasks are more difficult than ever before. Their discussions need to cut through the noise and facilitate a discussion that gets into the mind of the consumer. Delivering such a discussion is a combination of precise questioning shaped by actionable feedback. OTI delivers the tools you need for action.

“Kathy did a fine job of working with a bunch of people asking for different things at the same ...

Kyle T., Corporate Meeting Manager

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Discover the right questions

Since no two individuals are the same, can you expect two market research meetings to be the same? Of the hundreds of market researchers we helped, they all have a set of specific needs:

  • Get instant feedback during market research meetings
  • Conceptualize, collect and understand market data
  • Maximize the collective potential of meeting
  • Review criteria with participants without sacrificing anonymity 
  • Give consumers a platform to help shape your product or service

Once the meeting specialists at OTI discover your specific needs, we will tailor your polling experience around those needs. This unique approach gives our clients honest feedback and actionable results. 

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