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Improve Continuing Medical Education

Personalized solutions

Continuing Medical Education event coordinators encounter an endless permutation of complications and issues. You need to assess the attendee’s baseline knowledge before the lectures, and then compare those results with a post conference analysis. During the presentations, we give doctors the tools needed to share knowledge as they interpret new diseases, diagnosis, charts, or new research data.


The interactive software is just one piece of a successful medical conference. You also need a team of committed OTI meeting specialists on-site. OTI will begin by making sure the software is functioning correctly. During the meeting OTI will help facilitate the presentation by making changes on-the-fly. Our adaptability helps you succeed. When renowned doctors and researchers speak at your next conference, OTI will be on-site to help

“Both Kyle and the technology were fantastic. The feedback we have been receiving has been very, ...

Rob K., Director of Planning and Community Development, City Government

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Presentation Training

OTI teaches faculty and presenters effective polling methods before the actual event. We will help you develop an effective use of the OptionPower software and system. If you need assistance developing questions or samples, OTI will help you create a questions deck that will match the look and feel of your presentation.


The easiest way to gauge the effectiveness of a meeting is to compare the attendee's knowledge before and after the event. The OTI software suite gives coordinators easy, paperless assessments to gauge the variation in knowledge acquisition. This is the easiest way for coordinators to prove the meeting was a great investment.



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