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Audience Polling Software & Electronic Voting Devices

Virtual Meeting REady!

Good news! Our audience participation and voting systems work for virtual meetings. We offer sophisticated tools to support delegate voting, virtual debate (request-to-speak) and ad hoc motions in virtual sessions conducted with Zoom, Go To Meeting and other platforms. Our team is ready to help your organization move to secure virtual voting and debate during the COVID19 pandemic.



Planners who organize membership voting meetings often need a highly accurate and flexible audience polling devices and tabulation software. Balloting transpires rapidly with amendments, procedural motions, and new candidates added instantly to the mix. In some cases, proxies or weighted voting add additional complexity. OTI's comprehensive in-person and virtual audience polling systems handle these challenges so you get accurate and secure results.



Religious conference organizers need balloting software to handle complex balloting procedures and questions. The voting software must handle hundreds or thousands of votes for multi-candidate and multi-pass elections. When you combine these complex elements with long days and hundreds of motions, a paper balloting system is not a viable option. Option Technologies gives you an entire suite of software, easy to use clickers and web based polling apps, and a full support team to make your next meeting a success.

"Thanks to you and your team from Option Technologies, all our voting went without a hitch... Many thanks." 

Presiding Bishop, the United Methodist Church

audience polling devices


Faced with infrequent meetings and complex voting procedures, union organizers need a smart and reliable voting system. Option Technologies provides both software and hardware solutions to account for weighted voting, split voting and allocated voting.  These tools work in-person and in virtual meetings.

We can provide on-site or virtual support so that everything goes smoothly. OTI's meeting specialists are so capable, we can even immediately alter the pass/fail formulas if a single attendee leaves the room or session.



Attendees at open or representative Town Meetings need easy-to-use and highly accurate electronic polling devices and software. City Councils, School Boards and Legislative bodies need to track and display votes by name. Option Technologies provides both electronic voting software and audience voting devices for in-person and virtual meetings that deliver privacy or public accountability. The voting hardware is simple to operate and a relational database delivers tabulated results instantly.

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