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Delegate Voting Module

Accelerate your ballot

OptionPower-BoxArt-Delegate-VotingIf accuracy, privacy and time are important in your voting and election processes, you will benefit from the precise and quick capabilities of the Delegate Voting Module. OptionPower can reduce the time to prepare, administer and hand-count yes/no balloting and election for officers and boards by more than 50 percent.

The Delegate Voting Module is a subscription based software add-on for the OptionPower interactive system. It is designed to fulfill the objects of democratic decision making and delegate voting processes by using OptionPower’s fast and efficient interactive polling systems.

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Michael P., AV Producer

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Rapid results

Anonymous or Representative Voting

The OptionPower interactive voting system protects individual privacy and assures representative accountability. In anonymous mode, the secret ballot allows voters to freely cast their ballot without fear of tracking or reprisal. In roster mode, it tracks all votes and referendum data by individual representatives. This keeps representatives accountable to the people.

Accurate Voting

Each voter receives a personal confirmation message on their voting device so they can be confident their vote was cast as intended. The encrypted system prevents "stuffing the ballot box" by disallowing multiple votes for any candidate or proposal.

Instant Tabulation

OptionPower saves clerks and assistants those countless hours spent preparing and manually counting paper ballots. This means your delegates can conduct more ballots and get more done in less time. No matter how many matters are introduced, your delegates and voters will also know the results before they even leave the meeting.


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