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Group Competition Module


Powerpoint makes it easy.
option Technologies makes it awesome!

The OptionPower Group Competition Module brings the fun of a game show to your PowerPoint presentation. The audience will be engaged and excited as they share their knowledge with the group and presenter. Not sure which game will fit your next event? The Option Technologies team is here to help! We will design a custom game experience for you, or you can choose from one of our easy-to-use game templates.

Interactive Features at Your Fingertips

  • Add your own questions and answers to the presentation with interactive game templates.
  • Give the people the power to answer with an OptionFinder Keypad, tablet, or their own smart phone.
  • Facilitate cooperation with team competition.
  • Drive engagement with live leaderboards for individuals or team members.

“Kyle, Mike and Katie did excellent work. Your equipment enabled our voting to go smoothly, which ...

Bishop, UMC

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Win a MillionWAM Poll 1.jpg

Similar to the popular "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" TV show, Win a Million includes 15 questions with increasing point values. This format is effective for presenting and reinforcing increasingly difficult concepts.



The Quiz ChallengeQC Polling.jpg

This interactive PowerPoint game template resembles academic Quiz Bowl tv shows. The game includes 3 rounds with 8 questions each. The questions increase in value each turn to keep participants engaged.



And the Answer IsAI Game Board.jpg

Similar to the classic TV show Jeopardy, this game format includes a master game board with 25 presenter-defined questions. Just like the show, each question is presented as an "answer" and participants select the "question" from a list of choices. The questions are grouped in five categories of increasing difficulty. This game style works well for presentations with multiple points in several different categories.


And Many More...

These a just a few of the game templates we've got ready for you!  There are even more to choose from, like "Feud" and "Sports Challenge"!

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