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VIP Key Features

What Makes Our Virtual interactive 

Participant a VIP?

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Asynchronous Polling

Minimize hassle by giving your attendees the power to respond and vote at a time that is convenient for them. Option Technologies will provide you with a customized web-based polling experience for your voters or audience.  It is powerful, fast, and easy to use.

Complex Questioning

VIP moves beyond simple yes or no or multiple choice question that are limited to ten choices. VIP supports and array of question types along with text-based input.  Now your attendees can contribute answers, give comments or even ask their own questions. These capabilities provide the type of data gathering and sophisticated input tools you need for online balloting or market research.

Easy Post-Event Analysis

VIP gives presenters advanced storage capabilities so they can easily gather, tabulate, and report participants' responses to Excel and Word. Ballots can open and close on the days and times you specify.  You can query, export, and report results by individual, sub-group or overall audience.



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