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VIP Key Features

What Makes Our Virtual interactive 

Participant a VIP?

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Asynchronous Polling

Minimize hassle and confusion by giving your attendess the power to vote when they want. Option Technologies will combine the VIP suite of products with a customized on-site polling location to give your attendees more freedom and ease-of-use.

Complex Questioning

VIP moves beyond static multiple-choice and simple yes or no questions. VIP's text-based input allows attendees to write answers, give comments or even ask the presenter questions. These capabilities increase engagement and encourage everyone involved to contribute to the conversation.

Easy Post-event Analysis

VIP gives presenters advanced storage capabilities so they can easily tabulate and report participants' responses to Excel and Word. This exportable and printable list can tabulate results by individual, sub-group or overall.

Mac Friendly software

We created the Virtual Interactive Participant to help as many event planners as possible. Part of extending our services to new clients was creating VIP with Mac operating system capabilities.


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