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What Others Have Said

Our Clients are Everything to Us!

Here is what a few of them had to say about their experience with Option Technologies.


“Speechless!!! Thank you.”

Point of Sales Marketing Specialist, Publishing Company

“Just wanted to say thanks, everything was packaged well and the event went great.  I’ll probably be in touch this summer for at least another DIY rental program”

Tom S., Manager, Educational Events Company

“Thanks for your help…We did our first test in our monthly Town Hall Survey and the interface was really intuitive and easy to use.”

Jonathan M. , Manager, Manufacturing Company

“Both Kyle and the technology were fantastic. The feedback we have been receiving has been very, very positive and I would do this again in an instant. Your help was wonderful as well, and I appreciate how you were able to work us into your schedule on such short notice. I would recommend you to anyone!”

Rob K., Director of Planning and Community Development, City Government

“Things went GREAT in Anaheim last week. Big thanks to you and Josh for making it happen. Anytime we need to do this or have other ARS needs, you will be our first call. Nice work.”

Andrew W., Executive Producer

“This is one of the reasons I like this company so much. They are very proactive, I will share this information with the committee chairs and get back to you…”

Debbi M., Religious Conference Organizer

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help and patience in getting me all squared away with the program!  I have it up and running.”

Anna T., Director of Programs, Medical Association

“Kathy did a fine job of working with a bunch of people asking for different things at the same time. Hardware and software work great. I need to invest more time learning about the depth of the features.”

Kyle T., Corporate Meeting Manager

“Yay, Josh! My hero! Working with you was a treat! We all needed your professionalism and your calm demeanor. That day was blur! Thank you!”

Anne S., Religious Conference Manager

“That way there are no surprises on either end.  Brian was professional, knowledgeable and friendly and got along swimmingly with our guys onsite.  We would be happy to have him behind the tech table with us again any time.”

Michael P., AV Producer

“The meeting was a success. The addition of the interactive system to facilitate polling throughout the day on various topics was a big plus, allowing us to keep the audience engaged as well as receive real-time feedback. The system worked flawlessly…”

Dave N., Vice President – Marketing – Energy Company

“Our onsite tech was very helpful and gave me suggestions on how to improve our system next year. Was very pleased with him and his team!”

Abbie O., Associate Meeting Producer

“It was GREAT!  Mike did an awesome job.  Thank you once again for assisting us on a very successful focus group!”

Kyle B., Senior Manager, Medical Technology Company

“I am pleased to say that our first experience with Option Technologies was excellent.  We support corporate meetings all over the country and our clients don’t always request ARS services, but when they do, finding a professional and reliable vendor to help us provide them with those services can be kind of a crap shoot.  Right from the start of our interaction together on this program I had a good feeling.  It’s always comforting to receive professional looking paperwork...the advanced communication with the technician is also a big plus.”

Michael P., AV Producer

“…the response pads have been a huge success.  We have had so many positive responses to the games and the format and I want to expand this next year.  Thank you for all your help and please forward this to Kristi.  You guys were tremendously helpful and I am glad we found you.”

Mark M., Training Coordinator, Energy Company

“The meeting was great and it was nice to have the clickers…we’ll certainly keep OptionPower in mind again when planning a future event.”

Peggy C., Marketing Manager, Medical Technology Company

“You are a life saver half way around the world.”

Jim R., Phd., Government Policy Researcher

“The response pads have been a huge success…we have had so many positive responses to the games and format and I want to expand the system for next year… You guys were tremendously helpful and I am glad we found you.”

Mark M. Training Coordinator

“Mike did a phenomenal job. He was well-prepared and worked with us to change things minutes before the presentation started. He was flexible with his time and made sure we were his first priority. He was an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Kyle B., Sr. Manager, Medical Technology Company

“Our interaction with Preston was excellent, he went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed in a short amount of time. Awesome job!”

Corporate Event Organizer

“Just wanted to thank you!!! You should be proud of Andres – he was perfection and the consummate professional. We could not have been happier.”

Helene R., Director, Corporate Educational Program

“Kyle, Mike and Katie did excellent work. Your equipment enabled our voting to go smoothly, which lead to a meaningful and productive Annual Conference…I express deep appreciation for your work and participation in our Conference.”

Bishop, UMC

“The team’s performance at tonight’s Special Town Meeting was flawless.  The voting system was up and running on schedule, the voting window opened promptly in every vote, and not a single handset was replaced by the Help Desk personnel. Thanks!“

Dave B., Town Meeting Organizer

“Everything went well with the meeting and the units! We are glad we were able to use your company again for our needs. Thanks for your attention and support. I will make sure that the next Parliamentarian has the info for future conventions!”

Andrea C., Parliamentarian, International Association

“Thank you so much for all you do. It is such a pleasure working with you and you do a great job!! To top it off, you are interested and engaged in what we do and perform your duties most professionally!!"

Town Meeting Moderator

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