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VVoter is software tool that equips meeting attendees to vote, debate, and participate using smartphones, tablets and computers .  It is secure and powerful.  Now you can manage parliamentary debate and voting on motions securely and efficiently during virtual meetings.  Polling results and participant feedback is immediate.  Tabulated data and comments show up in real time on virtual displays.

VVoter is part of the OptionPower response system.  It adds a web-based polling and collaboration web portal. Participants answer presentation questions right from their browser-equipped devices.  After voting, the results are instantly tabulated and displayed as part of the OptionPower presentation. Polling data and comments are stored in a fully relational SQL database for in-depth analysis.

If you need a truly interactive presentation without response keypad hardware, or in combination with your current OptionPower keypad system, VVoter may be right for you.

More Than Voting

Need to explore complex, thought provoking ideas?  VVoter goes beyond simple multiple choice voting.  It support a variety of ballot question formats, weighted voting, split voting and voting by sub-groups.  It broadens the discussion by allowing text-based input so audience members can ask questions, submit comments, or give free-form answers.

VVoter also has the capability of delivering your slide content directly to the audience members’ devices in real time.  Do you have high resolution images that your participants need to see up close?  Let VVoter automatically deliver those images to their seats as you keep the meeting moving.



Do you need to implement secure voting by credentialed delegates during a virtual meeting in Zoom, Go To Meeting or another conferencing platform?  VVoter has you covered.


The VVoter Moderator Tool – Capture and Manage Questions and Comments

Are your presenters looking for a way to gather and manage comments and questions during a live virtual or in-person meeting?  Do you need to move beyond simple chat tools that distract from the flow of discussions or presentations?

Moderator equips your audience to submit questions privately for the presenter or session leader directly from their web enabled device.  No distractions or delays.   

Leaders are able identify similar questions or comments and address them at the same time.  This keeps your meeting on track and maximizes productive collaboration.  The system tags, stores, and reports all items received.

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