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Improve Employee Perception Research

Detailed Reports for actionable changes

The greatest part of inviting everyone in a business or organization into meeting is the potential for actionable change. OTI's software automatically tabulates and generates exportable reports. Managers will receive special reports showing aggregated data for the business, or special reports divided along demographics sub-groups and cross-tabulations. 

Fast. easy. affordable. 

Employees stuck in meetings have a pretty short attention span. OTI honed its methodology to specifically address this problem. Our questionnaires are event-tested and our product suite is simple for anyone to use. Your audience will be engaged and willing to work together for actionable outcomes.

Encourage Participation with anonymity

Anonymity is the best way to assure an honest vote. An honest vote assures the highest participation and the best results. The OTI software will automatically delete the data after tabulation, and the keypads protect every vote with our proprietary algorithm. 

Better results with Simple survey questions

Developing presentation questions with actionable results is both an art and a science. We've spent years developing and honing survey questions that achieve results. Use our interactive question templates, or use our questions as inspiration for your own.

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