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Town Meetings

Open town Meetings

Open town meetings are one of the great traditions in states like Massachusetts. Unfortunately, standing ballots and tallying paper votes are time consuming, lacking in privacy and are prone to inaccuracies. OTI has developed a unique system that gives Moderators a secure polling solution that expedites the voting process, provides accurate tallies and protects every voter’s privacy


Citizens need a way to hold their local representatives responsible. Clerks need an efficient way to register meeting members, record votes and broadcast the voting results to process to the general public. Option Technologies tailored its unique methodology and software to give both voting representatives and clerks the polling capabilities they need.

“The response pads have been a huge success…we have had so many positive responses to the games and ...

Mark M. Training Coordinator

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Cast a better ballot

How Option Technologies gives citizens, representatives and clerks a better way to vote:

  • Provides a balloting format for open town meetings
  • Tabulates votes quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • Tracks representative voting
  • Saves organizers time and money
  • Helps broadcast the balloting procedure for local television 

If you want to see how OTI can help your next meeting, contact us today to learn more. 

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