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Improve Market Research

FOr quantitative analysis

Get Instant Feedback

Market researchers face the difficult task of shaping the discussion around the consumers. Much of this revolves around getting feedback quickly while emotions are still fresh. Our software collects data from dozens, even hundreds, of participants almost instantly. 

Display Conversation-Driving Results in Real-Time

When participants can see the results in real-time, they are more likely to share key insights and information. It’s during these fostered discussions that participants are able to share the valuable information needed for actionable results. 

Automatically Tabulated & Segmented Data

In market research, both broad strokes and minor details matter. OTI's polling process instantly tabulates the overall polling while simultaneously segmenting participant demographics (gender, age groups, etc.).


“That way there are no surprises on either end. Brian was professional, knowledgeable and friendly ...

Michael P., AV Producer

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For Blended quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Foster Discussions & Knowledge-Sharing

Although the polling data shows collective opinion, the post-vote discussion provides the real impact. OTI's software springboards the discussion by immediately - and anonymously - displaying the results for everyone to see.

Encourage Participation with Anonymous Polling

Actionable market research would be impossible without the honest input of your consumers. Since every voter will be able to vote anonymously from their keypad or tablet, and the voter-specific data is deleted after the event, voters will cast ballots without fear.

Insure 100% Participation

Some questions may make a consumer uncomfortable and unwilling to answer. Those non-responders undermine results and nullify the data. To ensure total participation during an interactive question, our OptionPower software displays keypad numbers of non-responders and prompts them to respond. 


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