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Employee Perception Research

Harness knowledge for a better organization 

Imagine creating a better business or organization without consulting your employees or organization members... It's just not possible. How can you improve without consulting your most valuable assets; your employees. OTI gives leaders the ability to take the pulse of their organization by using our comprehensive hardware and software solutions. Our surveys are not only quick and confidential, but they can also immediately tabulate and display results to encourage real-time feedback.

“The response pads have been a huge success…we have had so many positive responses to the games and ...

Mark M. Training Coordinator

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Connect & Collaborate

Finding the right OTI solutions starts with finding your specific need. We developed our methodology to alleviate the most common needs we have encountered in our 25 years of polling:

  • Conduct and tabulate surveys with ease
  • Give everyone an equal and anonymous voice
  • Generate sample survey questions
  • Assistance creating an interactive presentation
  • I need a fast, easy and cost-effective solution

OTI is prepared to craft the perfect solution to meet your needs. If you want to see how OTI can improve your employee or organization surveys, either visit our Improve Employee Perception page or fill out the form for a free proposal now. 

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