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Audience Response Keypad Specifications

Boost Audience Interest by 88% with OptionPower Systems

Boost meeting attendee attentiveness up to 88% with our full line of interactive audience response systems and supplemental tools. We are the only provider offering specialized add-on modules tailored to the most common audience involvement needs.

Pick Your Perfect System

Our audience response systems are comprised of three components, and you can choose the combination of items that will provide you the perfect system for your needs:

  • Wireless audience response keypads transmit input and votes from the audience and can also send information to them.
  • OptionPower audience response software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint to receive the audience input and incorporate it into your PowerPoint presentation in real-time.
  • Our unique line of add-on modules helps you customize OptionPower for your
    specific needs.


Our Wireless Audience Response Device Options
   iPad G4 Micro4
iPad rental audience response Audience Response Keypads - G4 Audience Response Keypads - Micro4
Entry Multi-Digit Multi-Digit Multi-Digit
Display Type LED LCD LED
Display Capacity 9.7 inch color 2 lines, 11 characters each Red/Green indicator
Response Confirmation Yes Yes Yes
Messaging Yes Yes No
Unique Buttons N/A 19 14
Connectivity Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Radio Frequency
Range 650 feet 650 feet 300 feet
Power Saver Yes Yes Yes
Batteries 11 hour rechargeable 2 'AA' 1 'watch-type'
Configurable Device ID Yes Yes Yes
Low Battery Warning Yes Yes Yes
Device ID Range Unlimited 1-500 1-500
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Receiver Frequency Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz 2.4 Ghz
Devices per Receiver Unlimited 500 500
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