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Virtual Interactive Participant (VIP)

Harness the POwer of Web interaction

The OptionPower Virtual Interactive Participant (VIP) platform is the product suite you need to make your meeting digital. Whether you’re looking to control the flow of your debates in real-time or gather information from attendees answering questions at their own pace, VIP will help you get the results you need to make sound decisions.


We used our extensive experience to create the most advanced audience collaboration technology on the market.

Mark Fite, CEO Option Technologies

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Whether you want to poll your audience to get their reactions, rank priorities or collect meeting feedback from your participants, VIP can help. In live synchronous meetings, you can instantly gather, process and present audience input.  Or gather data from participants asynchronously over a period of hours or days. VIP supports surveys, elections, and balloting on governance proposals. With the VIP asynchronous voting module, participants can vote with confidence at their own pace during your voting windows. When the voting is complete, you’ll have a full and accurate record of the votes and feedback.



The QSpeak speaker queuing system module allows moderators to control the flow of debate in their meetings.  No more raising colored cards or shouting to be heard.  Who would like to speak and what they’d like to speak about are instantly at your fingertips. Balanced and orderly debate can be achieved with minimal hassle.

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