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QSpeak: VIP Queuing System

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Option Technologies’ speaker queuing system, QSpeak, is a dramatic improvement in the entire meeting process. No longer will delegates need to raise their hands, yell-out, line-up behind a microphone if they wish to speak, or make a procedural motion. The QSpeak product gives all the delegates an easy way to queue up so their motions and voices can be heard.

Save time

When you are coordinating a large meeting in a convention center or managing voting for a multi-day religious event, brief moments wasted in procedural motions compound quickly. These wasted moments not only detract from the meeting objectives, but they are also expensive. Streamline and save with QSpeak and an OTI meeting specialist.

“The response pads have been a huge success…we have had so many positive responses to the games and ...

Mark M. Training Coordinator

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Maintain Order

In a room full of opinions, motions and procedures, chaos is never more than a few moments away. Operated by one of OTI's meeting specialists, QSpeak appropriately organizes attendees' opinions and motions so the meeting remains calm and orderly. 

Increase Attentiveness

The modern attention span seems to only last a few moments. Add a meeting room full of delegates to the mix, and the slightest distraction can derail a meeting. QSpeak requires only a moment of time for attendees to make a motion. 

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