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Meeting Planner Resources

Planning for your success

Meeting planners are some of the most underappreciated professionals in the business world. They spend months - sometimes years - planning an event. Not only do they have to manage budgets and ensure ROI, but they also need their audience to be engaged, attentive and sharing knowledge. 

Increasing engagement numbers requires multiple complex pieces to come together in perfect harmony. We know all the moving pieces make this a difficult process. At Option Technologies, we know our success is your success. That’s why we've compiled all of our information to help you make the most our of your event. We cover everything from creating an interactive presentation to developing questions that drive engagement:

  • The Interactive Environment – During the course of any meeting, event, or training session you have an opportunity to create an engaging collaborative experience that better achieves your intended outcomes. Create a session design that pulls the participants in and taps their ideas and insights. Here are some important benchmarks to consider as you develop your agenda for a dynamic, engaging experience!
  • Integrating Audience Response – Are you asking yourself if an audience response system can improve your meeting, training session, or event? Regardless of the topic, industry, format or setting, the answer is yes!
  • Speaker’s Idea Guide – When you know where you want to go, but need a jump start to get there, our idea guide is like a mastermind group on paper. We provide a comprehensive guide to achieve maximum results from your next presentation.


“That way there are no surprises on either end. Brian was professional, knowledgeable and friendly ...

Michael P., AV Producer

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