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Training & Learning

Ready For A Better Meeting?

Option Technologies empowers event coordinators and continuing education facilitators to succeed. The OTI difference doesn’t start with interactive polling software and a fleet of clickers and iPads.

The OTI difference starts with you.

Why We Help

Your next event presents its own unique challenges. The Option team helps you find, address and achieve your goal with personalized solutions. Even after years of successful meetings, the Option team still uncovers new challenges with every client. We want to help you improve...

  • Poor audience engagement 
  • Low information retention
  • Presenters need real-time knowledge checks
  • Audience needs to share experience, ideas and knowledge
  • Difficulty gathering and tabulating surveys
  • Coordination of a multi-room and multi-speaker audience
  • Difficulty taking attendance
  • Need full-service event assistance

Once we identify your challenges, OTI creates a customized solution to maximize the learning outcome of your next event. This unique methodology gives our customers repeatable results time after time.

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