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Improve Town Meetings

protect Voter Privacy

In an open town meeting, nothing is more important than protecting the privacy of each and every individual. In the past, the open town meeting format was not conducive to anonymity. Option Technologies gives privacy to every voter. Not only does OptionPower® eliminate the need for a standing ballot, but our proprietary software also encrypts the radio signal of every vote. After the meeting, OTI permanently deletes the votes.


Hold Representatives Accountable

Keeping local representatives accountable is of vital importance to our democracy. OTI will give voting clerks the power they need to hold representatives accountable. OTI records all of the ballot measures and reports on each representative's corresponding vote. On voting day, OTI will also connect your voting to the local TV broadcast so the whole community can tune-in for live voting.

Full-Service solutions

OTI provides more than just software and a clicker; OTI gives your next meeting everything you need to be successful. Before the meeting, we work with your team to rank the proper voting procedures and determine the best balloting order. We begin the meeting with a welcome station where citizens or representatives register and receive their handset. We simply scan the barcode of their clicker and they are ready to vote (in the case of an open town meeting, we protect privacy by never linking a name to a handset). During the voting procedures, we monitor the voting, display results on-screen, and troubleshoot any complications. After the meeting, we compile the results and the voters return the handsets. 


Make Open Town meeting Voting a reality

Option Technologies is a leading provider of software and hardware needed to conduct secure polling in open format town meetings. We give town hall moderators all the tools and support they need to conduct a speedy and private ballot.  

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