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Employee Survey Module

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The OptionPower Employee Survey Module allows employers to conduct employee perception surveys and provide measurable and reliable feedback. The module makes surveys quick, easy, and confidential so your employees will not be afraid to state their opinions. The tabulated survey results are instantly available for discussion in PowerPoint or reviewable later with Excel.

“I am pleased to say that our first experience with Option Technologies was excellent. We support ...

Michael P., AV Producer

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Option power employee voting tool

Visionary Benefits

  • Simple: Just enter survey questions and scale choices into a regular PowerPoint slide.
  • Secure & Anonymous: Employees will speak honestly knowing their opinion is confidential and anonymous. The data is transmitted securely and untraceably from the participants to the presenter.
  • Fast & Accurate: Responses are received, tabulated and scored immediately. The presenter will never have to worry about manual data collection or inaccurate coding.
  • Instant Tabulation: Don't wait another moment to hear how employees truly feel. OptionPower's Report Manager automatically scans, counts and presents the data.
  • Custom PowerPoint Slides: Import OptionPower's easily customized employee surveys into your presentation. Simply change the wording, layout, or colors to fit your specific needs.
  • Includes Sample Survey Questions: Utilize years of Option Technologies experience for your business' success. These samples are great primers for your own questions, or an efficient method for fast, on-the-fly surveys. 
  • Specialized Reports: Need to present the data to appropriate decision makers without spending hours formatting? The Employee Survey Module automatically formulates the data in an easily-presentable format.

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