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OptionPower Special Features


Ready for a flexible presentation software? OptionPower is a feature-rich interactive presentation tool—seamlessly integrated into PowerPoint. It strengthens users’ ability to deliver more effective training programs by engaging participants with real-time polling tools and dynamically adjusting instruction to maximize learning.


Special Features for Learning Applications:

  • Real-time polling and display of individual, group, and sub-group results
  • Attendance and assessment tracking
  • Templates and tools for quizzes and team building games
  • Multiple choice, ranking, pre-post, tabular, and text based audience input formats
  • Advanced quantitative data analysis to reveal patterns and trends.
  • Tools to automate evaluation forms and "smile sheets"
  • Flexiable real-time input from clickers, tablets, phones, and web devices

Plan your presentation with interactive questions to assess learning needs and to gauge comprehension in real-time.  OptionPower supports “custom curriculum paths.” These can be case studies, special topics or learning objectives. Based on the audience’s response, you can transition to whichever presentation pieces will yield the highest value to learners.  Adjust instructional presentations to make better use of time and introduce remediation loops when comprehension falls short.

Use the Option team as a resource to help you develop more effective presentations and even provide on-site assistance.



Ready for an effective way to store and analyze data? Data can be stored for each session, participant, group, or other custom variables. This data can be accessed in real-time to redirect the conversation.  Reporting tools provide a variety of useful formats for tabulation, data roll-up, and analysis to help identify trends and provide insights.

“Thanks for your help…We did our first test in our monthly Town Hall Survey and the interface was ...

Jonathan M. , Manager, Manufacturing Company

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