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FAQ: Can participants vote from home?

FAQ: Can participants vote from home?



Yes, people at home can vote during a meeting directly from their smart phone, tablet or computer. Those attending the meeting can vote with either the keypads provided or web based audience response software.  

All of the data from the local and remote audiences flows to the presenters computer for immediate tabulation and display.  Instantly!

Participants typically watch a live webcast streamed over the internet. They use an event app called the Virtual Interactive Participate (VIP) system to answer polling questions and contribute their ideas.  

With the VIP tool there is no need to download or install an app on your iOS, Android or Windows device.  You simply open your browser and join in a simple 10 to 15 second process.  

Virtual Participants are able to see polling questions, view PowerPoint slides, take surveys, and send questions and comments to the presenter.  It all happens in real time.

Option Technologies regularly provides audience polling software and rental fleet of iPads for meetings, symposia and delegate events.

If you would like to learn more about the solution or experience a live demonstration please contact us. We would love to talk to you about the benefits and functionality of Virtual Interactive Participant!


“Thanks for your help…We did our first test in our monthly Town Hall Survey and the interface was really intuitive and easy to use.” Jonathan M. , Manager, Manufacturing Company