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FAQ: Can I do voting just with phones, tablets and computers or do we have to have keypads?

FAQ: Can I do voting just with phones, tablets and computers or do we have to have keypads?



You don’t have to have keypads as part of a polling project. You can have the entire audience use their own devices as long as they have a recent browser. We can make that happen with just a software solution so that people using their own devices over the internet can have their votes tabulated. The Virtual Interactive Participant system will immediately tabulate, store, and produce reports to show you the results of the responses.


Specific to Rentals:

For the Do-It-Yourself rental, do we still get training and support?

Yes, you absolutely get training and support for a Do-It-Yourself rental. Once you confirm the order, we will either ship you out a computer with the software or you will download the software onto your own computer. Then, you will schedule a live customized training session with one of our instructors. This is typically a 90 minute web-based training session that will teach you the software skills you need to operate the system. After the training, an individual with adequate PowerPoint skills will be equipped to perform basic polling of multiple choice questions. After your training is scheduled, we will ship the equipment to you which typically arrives five business days before your meeting occurs. This allows you to finalize and rehearse the presentation before the meeting takes place. After your meeting, you just ship the hardware back to our warehouse.


How long before the date of the event do I have to make the decision to purchase a rental? (How much time do we need to make it work?)

The larger and more complex your meeting, the further in advance we recommend you commit and sign a contract for your system. For example, if you need hundreds or thousands of keypads, it would be wise to commit 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months in advance. This allows us to reserve the equipment for you and coordinate the professionals that will be onsite with you to run the system. This time frame also allows us to put a plan in place to ensure the success of the system implemented in your meeting.

If you have a smaller meeting (50-100 keypads) and you are going to do a Do-It-Yourself rental, you can typically commit about 30 days in advance. Once you get within two-weeks, it becomes difficult due to factors such as learning how to use the software, having the hardware shipped to you, getting your question content written and programmed into the PowerPoint polling presentation, and ensuring everything works properly. Once you get within 10 days, a rush fee is charged because we have to put your project at the head of the queue and ensure everything works properly before others who booked their systems in advance.


“Everything went well with the meeting and the units! We are glad we were able to use your company again for our needs. Thanks for your attention and support.” – Andrea C., Parliamentarian, International Association