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FAQ: How do your handsets work?

FAQ: How do your handsets work?



All of our handsets are battery operated radio transceiver technology that talk back and forth using radio signals to a base station. Each handset is a radio transceiver; they communicate with a base station, which is plugged into your computer. A base station is typically plugged in through a USB port or Ethernet connection. The system is very fast and scalable. With our current models, the OptionFinder® G4 and Micro 4, you can communicate with 200 keypads per second. The audience takes a keypad, presses a button to vote, the vote is transmitted and acknowledged by the base station, an acknowledgement message then appears on the screen of the keypad.

Our system is a two way communication system between the keypads and their respective base stations. This allows the audience to feel confident that their vote has been tabulated as they intended. The system will not send an acknowledgement message to the keypad without the vote being counted.

“…the response pads have been a huge success. Thank you for all your help… You guys were tremendously helpful and I am glad we found you.” - Mark M., Training Coordinator, Energy Company