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FAQ: What kind of reports can we get once the voting is done? Can we get data in an Excel Spreadsheet?

FAQ: What kind of reports can we get once the voting is done? Can we get data in an Excel Spreadsheet?



The OptionPower report engine dips into a relational SQL database and provides over 40 different layouts for presentation of your data. After a session is finished, you go to the report manager, configure data preferences and pick out the type of report format you prefer.  OptionPower will slice and dice the data with your format in an an Excel or Word document.  You can also export your data to other applications and statistical packages.

There are two primary sub-categories of reports; session based reports and roster based reports.  Session based reports aggregate data from one or more data gathering sessions and cross tabulate results to meet your needs.  Roster based reports pull results from one or more individuals on a roster and then analyze and tabulate the results from one or more sessions.  Rosters support attendance tracking, instructor grade books, and scored assessments for adult learning.

Cross tabulations by subgroups are also available.  Now you can easily compare how different departments are thinking alike or thinking differently.  There is almost no limit to the number of subgroups you can identify and utilize for reporting.

Categories are logical scoring and grouping tools for multiple question items scored together.  For example, if you have 27 questions in a survey and five of them have to do with employee leave, you can pull the data from those five questions as a category. The system will prepare an overall scored result for the employee leave questions scored as a group.  You can then compare results from those questions with results from other categories. Looking at results from logical categories helps you find additional actionable meaning in your data.

The OptionPower report engine generates reports in popular document formats including those used by Microsoft Word and Excel. This makes it easy to print and share your data with others.


“...Right from the start of our interaction together on this program I had a good feeling. It’s always comforting to receive professional looking paperwork...the advanced communication with the technician is also a big plus.” -– Michael P., AV Producer