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OptionPower 6.0

Drive Attendee engagement

OptionPower 6.0 is our cutting-edge meeting software. This proprietary technology transforms your attendees from sleeping non-responders to engaged and collaborating listeners. After adding this powerful yet flexible module to your PowerPoint, you will be increasing engagement, receiving real-time knowledge checks, and eliminating the hassles of gathering and tabulating paper questionnaires and surveys. 


demand a better meeting

We think every attendee and presenter deserves a great experience. We also believe a great meeting experience should also be a great investment. OptionPower 6.0 delivers on both promises. This innovative software can gather actionable data, train employees, entertain attendees, and even conduct delegate and open elections.

We find OptionPower 6.0 most effective in Corporate Training and Classroom Learning, Continuing Professional Education, Decision Support, Town Meetings, Market Research, Internal Audit, Self Assessment and Risk Management, and Employee Perception Surveys.


The Tools for a better meeting

OptionPower combines 25 years of interactive polling with 5 renditions of OptionPower to create our best polling software yet. With OptionPower 6.0, the benefits are numerous and the ROI impressive:

Verify Attendance

  • Assign audience response keypads or “clickers” to individuals for response tracking
  • OptionPower® generates immediate tallying of results/scores once rosters are created

Seamless Polling

  • Seamlessly integrate polling slides and normal slides in your PowerPoint presentation
  • Polling slides are contained within your PowerPoint presentation

Effortless Demographic and Data Analysis

  • Automatically segment participant demographics for comparison and contrast
  • Data is stored in an SQL database and can easily be exported to Excel or Access for analysis
  • Output a fully formatted Excel or Word report or use PowerPoint’s print and web publishing capabilities
  • Optional custom reports are available; ask for details

Perfect In-Person or Remote

  • Facilitate remote participation for attendees with a laptop or smartphone
  • Connect lecturers with attendees in multiple rooms

OptionPower® 6.0 retains everything you love about OptionPower® 5.0 in addition to added ease of use! OptionPower’s best-in-class set of tools help you improve audience participation, focus, learning, and decision making.  It makes your PowerPoint presentation a truly interactive experience!

How OptionPower 6.0 Upped your Vote

  • Added support for Office 2016 and Windows 10
  • All OptionPower® registry settings are now stored in the database.
    We no longer need permissions set for the registry.
  • 8 new Virtual Base Station features.
  • Easy software and hardware installation.
  • Improved Question Analysis Report performance.
  • Import/Export opx files now include the Session Slide Order information
    that is responsible for keeping track of polling order of slides for reports.

Update your system NOW to the most powerful and reliable version of OptionPower® yet. Use one of the seven Add-On Modules to access even more functionality. You will love the ready-to-use friendliness of OptionPower® 6.0!

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